Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Comment of the day

See Rabbi Gil Student's post here:

"The greatest acknowledgment of the rhetorical power of the Judeo Christian and biblical tradition that these rabbis and priests appeal to is the demand for homosexual marriage. Basically, homosexuals are saying that the consecration a relationship by including some implicitly religious element, is important to them as well. This is a sign that the world as a whole is getting more, and not less religious. After all, the homosexuals could say that marriage is an oppressive patriarchal institution (and this is not 100% untrue). But that is not what they are saying. They are saying that marriage, which is delineated in our society by a deeply religious cultural mythos, is not only preferable, but worth fighting for. We can only hope to take a lesson from this for our own marriages; that they are incredibly sacred and allow us to draw on the deep cultural resevoir of the holy.
chakira 09.03.08 - 12:13 am #


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